Corporation Investments: Invest in REITs Like Corporations Do

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REITS - Make an Investment like a Corporation Investment

REITS - Make an Investments like a Corporation Investment

If you like investing in REITS, you may be thinking it would be nice to be able to see investing like the big guys do.    Corporation Investments are made while sitting in their brokerage firm offices. Corporations have everything at the touch of a button.

You can probably picture their computer screens with a live feed of news stories relating to the REIT market. They have live numbers showing how the various stock markets are doing. In another part of the screen they have charts and scales that show how the funds they are working with have been performing and are expected to perform. They are able to buy and sell at the touch of a button and they even seemingly have a backdoor to the brains of the analysts to know what they are thinking about where the market will go next.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have that kind of access? Why shouldn’t you? While you may be thinking that you can only have that type of set up by working in a brokerage firm, there really is a way to have it, all to yourself. It’s called is a website that is focused on REITs or real estate investment trusts. That means you will have clear and concise information about your market. Here’s what they offer:

Advice and Education

One area of their website is focused on nothing but advice and education about the real estate market and the world of REITs. This is vital to read over if you are new to REIT buying, as it will give you a good overview of what you’re getting into and how they work and pay you back for your investment.

Tools and Research

Knowing you want to be investing in a market is one thing, actually doing it well means you have to know what you are doing and have done the research to make sure you are making a wise decision. This portion of their website will make sure you have the research and tools you need to make wise decisions.

News Feed

As you know the markets can change in a moment, and if you’re not paying attention, you could miss something vital to your investment future. has a news feed that will make sure you see the news items that impact your REIT investments as soon as they hit the wire.


Additionally, there is a blog area where analysts can look at the indicators and give you a heads up or look inside what is happening in the world of REITs.


It’s always good to know how your investments are faring compared to the rest of the market, and stock quotes, FOREX trading and other major market indicators are exactly what you can find when you check the updated statistics on the site.

Online Trading

Finally, it is vital to be able to act when you know it’s time to act. Since they are a full service investing real estate broker, you are also able to do your trading online through


Corporation Investments: REITs – Eco Friendly Real Estate Investing

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Eco-Friendly REITS as a Corporation Investment

Eco-Friendly REITS as a Corporation Investment

There are a lot of people who well understand the importance of taking a note of the carbon footprint they are leaving on the planet these days. Some of these same people would love to be members of the investment market, but worry about the impact they may be having on the planet, especially if they are thinking of investing in real estate.

Believe it or not you can make money investing in real estate like a corporation investment may invest and still be green. You just have to know how to do it and where to look.

These days many real estate investors are putting their money into real estate investment trusts (REITs). A REIT is essentially a fund that allows a company to either build or manage a real estate entity. Essentially you are purchasing a share of that entity whether it is a home, apartment complex, shopping mall or industrial warehousing complex.

The way you make money on a REIT is through profits from the property. For example, if it is a commercial real estate property, when the tenants pay their leases, the profit from that (or at least most of it) is returned to the investors in the form of dividends, just like you would get on other stocks and bonds.

While this all may be well and good as an investment strategy, you may wonder how you can use this investing tool as a way to be eco friendly. Well, that’s simple. There are a lot of real estate management groups that specialize in eco friendly and green construction.

The fact is that new construction will always be necessary. With the rate the population is growing, there will always be a need for new homes and businesses to support them. But the key is in making sure that new ventures are being eco-friendly – as friendly to the environment as possible.

When you are researching the REITs to buy into, look for properties that have worked to be more sustainable such as those that have a number of energy saving measures and others that conserve water. You may also want to look for those that have been created with environmentally friendly materials and methods of construction.

It’s not that hard to find these types of companies. You can go to a company like and look up REITs that are specialized in this way. On you can even continue through the process and purchase the REITs you are interested in.

These days companies are bragging about their construction methods and maintenance plans to be more environmentally friendly. A lot of people will be happy to pay good money to live in such eco friendly places. That is money that will become a part of your profit if you are investing in REITs that support eco friendly construction.

The other thing to think about when it comes to profitability from green buildings is that not only are these buildings more attractive because of that designation, but they are also improving your bottom line in another way. The more sustainable the building is (i.e. less power use and water use) the lower the monthly costs to manage and more profit that can come back to you.

While on the front side green building can cost two to three percent more to build than traditional structures the impact on the environment and your bottom line will be worth it in the years to come.